OR-T 83

Cyklop CHT-300



Product Description

The Cyklop CHT-300 is intended for use with polyester and polypropylene strapping. With up to 200 strapping cycles between recharges. Without the use of metal seals and buckles, cost is reduced on the business end because seals are not required with the CHT-300. The CHT 300 pulls adjustable tension of 88-730 lbs., and can achieve 120-250 (PP) 80- 150 (PET) strapping pulls with one battery. The CHT 300 can be set for 3/4″ x .031-.054″.  This tool is currently set for 5/8″ we can adjust the tool to accept 3/4″ at no charge just email us and let us know.  This tool is sold with 2 new batteries and 1 new charger.